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Our Process


Initial Consultation

The first step is to contact us to ensure we’re a good fit for your project in terms of location and budget.


Once this has been established, we’ll set an appointment to meet in your home to discuss your ideas for the project. It’s vital all homeowners be present, so we can hear everyone’s thoughts and expectations about what the finished space should look and feel like. We’ll exchange ideas about how we can achieve the overall vision for your project. We’ll also discuss a suitable price range for your project.



Design & Estimate 

After the initial consultation, our team will carefully evaluate the scope and breadth of your project and we’ll then determine the cost of the design and estimate contract.  The deliverable of a contract generally consists of input from a designer, drawings of your existing space, a new proposed floor plan, cabinet plans and elevations, electrical plan, tile plan and all of the selections (plumbing and electrical fixtures, granite, tile, cabinets), along with a detailed and thorough construction contract.

We will schedule an on-site subcontractor walk with all of our trades to gather estimates for your project to help determine the price of your overall contract. 

After a thorough reveiw of the contract and all parties agree on the project scope and pricing, the contract is signed and we move onto the construction phase of the project.


Execution of Construction

Once we have a signed contract, we get your project scheduled, and 1-2 weeks before we begin, we’ll meet for a pre-construction meeting.


We’ll discuss all the logistics of having us in your home, such as where we’ll enter and exit, where the dumpster will be located, invoicing, change orders, and all the little details that make each project go smoothly. Throughout this time, we promise to maintain effective lines of communication. You’ll be notified any time our construction team needs to come to your home. If there are any delays, you’ll be informed. We want this project to be easy for you; we don’t want to add any unnecessary stresses to an already stressful undertaking.


It’s our job to manage your project, not yours. We use the correct craftsmen for each phase of the work,. We guarantee the same level of genuine craftsmanship through every phase of construction.


Post - Construction Follow Up & Warranty

Just because your home is finished doesn’t mean your relationship is over with Silver Star GC. We’ll provide you with a manual containing all relevant manufacturers’ warranties and, most importantly, well after your project is completed, our team will still be there for you.


We have confidence in the quality of our work, so you can rest assured we’ll be available to ensure your continued satisfaction with your new custom remodeled home.


All work comes with the manufacturers’ warranties, as well as our industry-leading 30 day | 60 day | 1 year warranty covering workmanship. Included in this warranty is three visits to remedy any expansion and contracting issues. We’ll caulk and touch-up drywall and paint at no charge. We want to ensure your satisfaction long after move in.

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